Right Here — Right Now

Location: Norway — Grenland/Telemark.

I’m quite happy to share some time and possibly some tea or other delicious things, do make contact if you like.


To contact me send a mail to tonton at riseup.net, do encrypt it if you like. Or send a jami/ring message to c942ae9a81f9d77104d8a6a802c82a93f043a564 tonton-public.

Who? What?

One of my names is Tonton and I’m the steward of browniehive.

I usually label myself as a multidisciplinary with primary focus on permaculture1, gardening, programming and free software. In many ways I’m a hacker2, and enjoy exploring crafts I don’t know how to do. I also have diabetes which I’m happy to talk about.

With that said though, labels are quite misleading when describing and understanding living beings.

I am currently living and working in a commune connected to a CSA.


The server you are currently visiting is a linode instance; they say it is located somewhere in Frankfurt. It runs NixOS and most components I have control over is free software.


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  1. I hold a permaculture design certificate from 2 months studies at Earth Ways in Scotland.

  2. I was part of starting and running Tinkartank hackerspace for some time.