I’ve been realizing I often have something I would like to write and put on, but it’s so unusual for me that I never actually get around to doing it.

One of the reasons for this is that I find it really difficult to figure out why and for who I’m writing. I don’t even know if I have any readers, much less who they are. In some ways I’ve found answers to these. I write here because I want to write, to get better at writing and expressing myself. In addition the technicals and how tos are nice ways for me to remember and to point others at if they wonder how I did it. As for who my audience is - I have no idea. If you do read something here and want to tell me something I’m happy to receive.

I will be trying to write and publish something once or more per week forward. Now I’m curious to see how hard I fail at this. :)

I want most of this writing to be inquisitive. I often fall in the trap where I think I know, and through this writing I want to explore. Is it not better to leave some lines of thought unfinished so we can investigate further on our own?