Been looking at Guix System Distribution (GuixSD or just Guix - though that is also the name of the packagemanager…) for some time now, and just recently got a chance to start testing and implementing Guix on a computer that will soon, I hope, be part of the browniehive infrastructure – possibly even replace some of it…

The reason I’m moving away from NixOS is not one but many. One huge factor is the fact that Guix is a GNU project. Other minor reasons:

  • Guix configuration is guile scheme, so you have a fully fledged programming language at your fingertips. This is not a straight positive, but given my familiarity with scheme and unfamiliarity with Nix it is so far an easy choice.
  • Systemd. Yes. I would much prefer something else. Most, if not all, the times I’ve had to manually connect to the server to check and fix something it’s some part of or managed by systemd not starting for some obscure reason. Usually the fix is as simple as systemctl restart nameofservice, but having to manually fix things like these are a major turndown. Never happened with Gentoo and openrc…
  • Possibility of using Hurd in the future. I really like parts of Hurds design, look forward to breaking everything with it.
  • Integration with my other OS, Emacs.
  • And a reiteration of the first point: Ease of managing small software packages that I don’t care to have in the package manager.

As for these webpages - they are generated by jekyll, and I’m not entirely sure jekyll is the right choice. Will have to look at other site generators or similar I can manage with git and markdown. Maybe writing something in guile or haskell would be the way to go.