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Welcome to browniehive.
ProgressChange happens.

Piwik Opt-Out


Social Diaspora

Diaspora has now been installed, and can be reached via Registration is so far open to anyone, but may be closed sometime in the future.

Etherpad is also being configured at the moment; but user management should be simpler (and safer), and etherpad as such works better as part of another system with users already implemented. Is LDAP an appropriate solution at this point?

Encryption and Mail

I finally found, or rather took, the time to get the email and ssl up and running. This brings some smaller changes into play for accounts here: to log in here you will need to install/accept the certificate presented; this is because the certificate used here is from and their root certificate is not commonly distributed with some browsers/platforms or combinations thereof.

It also brings about the possibility to get an email account here, at browniehive.

Maybe it's time to setup an openid service and some social networking?

Raspberry Pi Laptop

I just discovered these two projects ( and making laptops out of a Raspberry Pi. I figured this would be an appropriate project soon; I would like to make it a bit durable, use solar power as an alternate way of charging the battery, and have a battery that I don't need to recharge every other hour.

Quick Intro to C++ Templates

Quick and dirty note to self, templates:

/* Simple C++ template test and demonstration.
    I compile it with "g++ -ggdb3 -Wall -O0 -o templatetest templatetest.cpp" */
#include <stdio.h>
#include <iostream>

template <class ttype>
ttype biggest(ttype a, ttype b) {
    return (a > b) ? a : b;

int main(int argc, char *argv[])  {
    printf("%s: ",argv[0]);

    int testint0 = 2;
    int testint1 = 4;
    float testfloat0 = 9.34;
    float testfloat1 = 2.55;

    int resi = biggest<int>(testint0, testint1);
    float resf = biggest<float>(testfloat0, testfloat1);

    std::cout << "\nint result: " << resi << "\nfloat result: " << resf << "\n";
    return 0;

Another note to self: fix blank lines in dokuwiki <code> tags.

Dokuwiki and Javascript

I recently discovered that librejs reports the DOKUWIKIROOT/lib/exe/js.php as having proprietary or nontrivial javascript in it. This means I will need to find a way to get around using it in dokuwiki, or move to another wiki/cms system that is entirely free.

Edit 18th of April

It seems that blocking the javascript does not interrupt or remove any (noteworthy) functionality from dokuwiki. As such I won't spend more energy on this matter until I feel like dabbling more in javascript.

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